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ARMASOFT updates and camo stuff

New ARMASOFT men's cargo shorts

ARMASOFT camouflage cargo shorts New cargo shorts

You might have noticed that our shorts are currently out of stock. This is due to new designs being implemented within our men's cargo shorts, women's range of shorts and a new look for our store front.

Below is a sample pair of men's cargo shorts including our new design side cargo pocket. The changes to the pocket include accordion folds on either side of the pocket to allow a larger capacity of storage, zip closure and a much deeper pocket in overall length.

Our new designs will be available in the next couple of months so bear with us,...

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Would Eminem rock a pair of ARMASOFT camo cargo's?

ARMASOFT Eminem Eminem camouflage Eminem cargo shorts

Its a dream and a goal for any business to get a celebrity to wear or endorse your brand and products. We know Eminem loves his cargo shorts and lately we have seen him rockin camo cargo's on stage and he does them well, much better than many of the other celebs out there we wont name any names.

Here are a few pics of Eminem on stage stylin in camo cargo's. We have exactly this style in our range along with an active cut that is knee high to cater for people who arent into the low cut look. 


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Is Quantum Stealth camouflage real?

Hyperstealth biotechnolgy invisibility cloak invisible camouflage Quantum Stealth



Quantum Stealth camouflage has or has not been developed in some way by Canadian camouflage textile manufacturer HyperStealth Biotechnologies. CEO Guy Cramer claims to have developed this tech in 2010, also claiming that the technology is passive meaning the fabric/material does not use an energy source or cameras to achieve an almost 100% invisibility.

Fiber optics are capable of bending light in a way to make things invisible well make light and images appear where they are not but the invention of a smart fabric that can bend or reproduce light and images is not only a revolution...

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ARMASOFT mini shorts in Multicam

babe camo chick hot Multicam

ARMASOFT mini shorts in Multicam

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Multicam black/Law enforcement camouflage

Law enforcement camouflage Multicam Black

Multicam has released a date for their 1st new edition to the range since officially winning the US ARMY contract, it has been designed for use within the Law Enforcement community and I imagine also a very useful option for special forces night ops. cant wait to see what it looks like and get our hands on it.

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