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Is Quantum Stealth camouflage real?

Hyperstealth biotechnolgy invisibility cloak invisible camouflage Quantum Stealth



Quantum Stealth camouflage has or has not been developed in some way by Canadian camouflage textile manufacturer HyperStealth Biotechnologies. CEO Guy Cramer claims to have developed this tech in 2010, also claiming that the technology is passive meaning the fabric/material does not use an energy source or cameras to achieve an almost 100% invisibility.

Fiber optics are capable of bending light in a way to make things invisible well make light and images appear where they are not but the invention of a smart fabric that can bend or reproduce light and images is not only a revolution in the world of camouflage but has limitless applications else where in other industries.

Guy Cramer and Hyperstealth have kept a very tight lid on their technology releasing only mock up images/photographs which are not real and only a handful of people have claimed to have seen demonstration video's and even fewer first hand eyes on demonstrations.

During these demonstrations use of IR night vision and thermal cameras were used with the attendees claiming that it worked just as well if not better under these circumstances.

If we are all very interested in the goings on over at hyperstealth HQ how about the US military/pentagon, you would have to assume they would be very interested in this new technology. My question is why wouldn't the pentagon sling Hyperstealth a massive cheque and be done with it? this also makes me doubt the authenticity or the level of advancement. Also the electronics/entertainment industry would be wanting to get their hands on it and would pay handsomely to buy or license the tech.

Who knows all we can do is wait and keep our eyes and ears open, maybe you will start seeing more youtube videos of "Predator" style silhouettes running around the battlefield. Maybe its all a marketing trick to gain momentum in the camouflage industry.

Until I see real images real video from Cramer and Hyperstealth I will take it with a grain of salt its really up in the air until some kind of tangible evidence surfaces.


Here are some rendered images (mock ups) from Hyperstealth claiming this is the capability of Quantum Stealth camouflage. Bear in mind these images are not real just what hyperstealth claim the tech is capable of.


 read more here and make your own mind up.








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