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New ARMASOFT men's cargo shorts

ARMASOFT camouflage cargo shorts New cargo shorts

You might have noticed that our shorts are currently out of stock. This is due to new designs being implemented within our men's cargo shorts, women's range of shorts and a new look for our store front.

Below is a sample pair of men's cargo shorts including our new design side cargo pocket. The changes to the pocket include accordion folds on either side of the pocket to allow a larger capacity of storage, zip closure and a much deeper pocket in overall length.

Our new designs will be available in the next couple of months so bear with us, until then our beanbag chair and other products will still be available. We will also be adding more limited edition products to the clothing range which will definitely be something to keep your eye on.


We will offer two variances of length within the men's range, the pair shown is the longer variant which sits below the knee and our normal variant will sit on the knee for an active fit.

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